Flash Fiction Challenge: Now Choose Your Title

Title: Kilara (via lightningstarlight)
Prompt: Now Choose Your Title
Word Count: 271

Mia was sick of traveling. Her feet were sore, she hadn’t had a decent meal in over a week, and she couldn’t take her brother’s whining another minute. Still, it was better on the road that at home.

Home. Somewhere she’d never be able to go back to because of the war. Mia still didn’t understand it. Why did the neighboring country of Kilara choose to invade? Her father had said something about politics, while her mother had just muttered something about men always wanting more under her breath.

Mia just thought everyone should be grateful for what they had.

Her little brother ran up to her. “Do you have anything to eat?”

“No one has anything to eat Harvey.”

The six year old frowned. “But why?”

“Because we’re escaping from the Kilarans.”

“But why?”

“I’m not going to answer any more questions.” Mia adjusted her pack and moved away from her annoying little brother.

“Mia! Look!” Harvey cried as soon as she was out of range.

“What is it Harvey?” She asked, already bored with his constant amazement of everything around him.

Harvey was pointing at the horizon, where a thick plume of smoke rose into the evening sky. Many of the adults around them had also stopped to look. Their father came up beside them.

“The Kilarans are pushing ever onward. We must keep moving.”

“When will we stop?” Mia looked at her father.

“When we are safe.” He then urged his children to continue walking with the group.

As Mia looked at the smoke in the distance she began to wonder if they would ever be safe again.

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