Flash (Non)Fiction Challenge: Tell A Story From Your Life

Title: It’s Not a Sebring
Prompt: Tell a Story from Your Life
Word Count: 330

“Hey, there’s a convertible in the cheap car lot.” Mom pointed across the car to my side of the city street. “Can you see what it is?”

I looked over to where she was pointing. Unfortunately I turned to look too late and didn’t get a good look at it. “I couldn’t tell.”

“Oh well, maybe we’ll drive past it again.” Mom steered the car down the street and up to the grocery store where we shopped for pasta, apple cider, and cheese. As we were leaving, she received a call from Dad. She looked at me and mouthed “He needs a part.”

We piled our groceries in the car and made our way out to the implement dealers. To get there, we drove past the convertible again. “Let’s see if we can find out what it is.”

I leaned over to look out my mother’s window as we drove past the little car again. We looked at each other. “It’s a Chevy.” We laughed; it wasn’t a dreaded Sebring.

I stayed in the car while Mom ran into the implement dealer’s to procure Dad’s part. We then stopped at Walmart. While Mom finished up the household shopping, I wandered the store doing some window shopping.

“I’m ready for some coffee and I need gas.” Mom said as we loaded ourselves into the car again. “I have a gas card for Food & Fuel.”

“I have a coffee card that’s almost full.”

“You’re buying.”

Happily sipping our coffee and finally heading out of town we found ourselves once more driving by the cheap car lot. Mom looked at me and grinned. I nodded and she pulled into the car lot. I jumped out to take a closer look at it.

When I climbed back in the car again I told her the details. “It’s a 2000 Cavalier with 130,000 miles on it. They want three grand for it.”

I was grinning ear to ear. “It’s cute. I want it.”

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