Flash Fiction Challenge: It’s X Meets Y, The Horror Edition!

Prompt: It’s X Meets Y, The Horror Edition!
Title: It Meets Pitch Perfect aka What the Heck is This?
Word Count: 303

Obviously this is not a Flash Fiction story. No, this is the story detailing why I didn’t write ‘It Meets Pitch Perfect’.

Originally I had every intention of writing through this prompt provided by Chuck Wendig over at TERRIBLEMINDS. I used the random number generator he provided and didn’t cheat when my picks were Stephen King’s IT, and the movie Pitch Perfect.

From there, the intentions and motivation failed. I became busy with life, work, and school which is not the best excuse, but there it is.


I have heard of this movie, but I’ve never watched it, can’t remember the movie trailers for the life of me, and after reading the plot synopsis on Wikipedia am still more confused about what is supposed to be going on in this movie than I was when I started.

The only few things I could pick up was that Pitch Perfect concerns three different choir groups in a singing competition but they’re all immature drama queens. What?

I’m much more familiar with Stephen King’s IT, having seen the made for TV movie a few times (though I am guilty of not reading the book, eek!). Stephen King is one of my favorite writers and I own and read many of his works.

I did try to write this flash fiction story. I did. I sat down at my computer a handful of times to try to start this monstrosity. It just didn’t happen. I had no ideas. Words would not flow.

And then I hit upon the idea of writing a piece of flash fiction explaining why I didn’t write flash fiction. Yeah.

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