What I’m Reading Next: L. Frank Baum Series

I am participating in this year’s Goodreads Reading Challenge. I’m challenging myself to read at least 35 books this year. In addition to this I’ve set myself a little mini goal: to read the rest of L. Frank Baum’s Oz books. Many people still do not know that he wrote 14 Oz books. Yes, fourteen.

One of the draws of these books in the fact that Baum drew inspiration for the original Oz book from my home state, South Dakota, where he lived for several years. For whatever reason that has made the Oz series much more nostalgic for me.

Currently I have read the Oz books one through ten. This year, I want to read the remaining four:

  1. The Lost Princess of Oz
  2. The Tin Woodman of Oz
  3. The Magic of Oz
  4. Glinda of Oz

Good luck to everyone who is attempting the Goodreads Reading Challenge to and everyone with their reading goals!

Keep reading little book worms!

Disclaimer: All hyperlinks open into a new tab and into Goodreads. I am not affiliated with Goodreads but feel free to add me!

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