As You Like It by Shakespeare

As You Like It As You Like It by William Shakespeare
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Shakespeare is difficult to read, and I’m still not very skilled at it. But I do believe I am better at it now, than I was in high school when I first read his plays. As You Like It is a fairly short read (though I imagine it is a fairly standard length play). Which made it easier on me reading it.

I began reading Shakespeare again to march out my English skills and dust them off. This little play did just that. I will, however, admit that I could not understand everything that came out of Touchstone’s mouth. He is meant to be the fool at court, yet half of what he says is very wise, and the other half just seems like foolery and for me it was difficult to decipher which was which.

I may have to read this play again in the future.

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