Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb

Blood of Dragons (Rain Wild Chronicles, #4)Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s always a wonderful to come to the end of a really good book and know that it was thoroughly enjoyed. It’s even better when that book is the last book of a really good series.

I finally got my hands on the last book of The Rain Wilds Chronicles, but now I’m thinking I may have to go back and re-read the entire series since it has been a good year since I read the one before (Book 3) this one. That may have to wait a bit though…but still on my to-read list.

The Rain Wilds Chronicles, although named after a fictional geographical area in the books, is actually not really about that, the Rain Wilds is the background that sets the scene for the adventures and activities that books focus on: Dragons.

Dragons had been extinct for several hundred(?) years before one lonely queen dragon was awakened and led a tangle of serpents back to their nesting ground to transform into the magnificent dragons they should be. But several things are against them, their nesting ground now has a town built on it, the serpents have remained serpents too long and don’t know how to be dragons, but most of all the people are not happy about dragons suddenly showing up on their doorsteps…

Anyway, the books follow the serpents as they become dragons and try to find their place in the world again. As a lover of dragons and now of Robin Hobb’s books I’m going to go track down more of her books.

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