5 Inspirational Wallpapers for Writers

As writers we spend many hours staring at our computers until our minds become a form of sloppy gelatin that once resembled a body organ. To keep things interesting I change up my desktop wallpapers from time to time.

In fact I recently did this a couple days ago and decided to really change things up: I searched the interwebs for a wallpaper that delivered some good writing inspiration. Here is a selection of what I’ve found:


I like this one for the somewhat old-fashioned notion of writing on a typewriter. The other appealing feature is the message of finishing your novel. Simple and straightforward.


Another very simple wallpaper, the expert author kit, though I’m not in need of glasses anymore, I still love picking up a pen and putting words to paper. I like my tea hot and my tablet handy for any last minute research my story needs.


Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomonal Storytelling is a series of 22 slides, each with wonderful tip to writing great stories. Seriously. Just google it and you’re guaranteed to find one that hits you just right.


Peanut’s classic Snoopy line “It was a dark and stormy night…” is sure to set your brain firing on all cylinders. Firstly, it’s an opening line to get you started writing your story. Secondly, it’s a childhood favorite, Snoopy, and he struggled with his writing too. So chin up and keep going.


Finally, here is the wallpaper that made the cut this time around. One of Chuck Wendig’s  bluntly, and satirical designs, the Are You a Writer Flowchart. Chuck has a good selection of wallpapers, including a few in the vein of “finish your shit” which I find good when I’m in the process of writing.

I hope you’ve found some of these inspiring, and maybe even use one of them next you need a change.

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