Blood Pressure by Terence Taylor

Blood Pressure: A Vampire TestamentBlood Pressure: A Vampire Testament by Terence Taylor

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This seems like just an extension of the other book that this book references extensively – Bite Marks. The references make me feel like I’m missing out by not reading Bite Marks, like all the action happened in this other book and this book chronicles the aftermath of that.

I’m not even entirely sure what the climax was; the rescue, the cure(s), or a few other things that happened in between and after. The book was thoroughly anti-climatic, but did have a few interesting scenes. The chapters jumped back and forth through time, explaining things as I read along; it even explained the plot of Bite Marks by the time I was done.

I’ve never read a book like this. I liked the scenes, but the entire book didn’t seem like a book in itself. Like it was an advertisement for Bite Marks rather than a book to be read alone. It confuses me.

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