The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver

The SpindlersThe Spindlers by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was a book I found at my local Dollar Tree. It seems to be intended for pre-teens or younger teens as it had large spacing found in many books designed for younger readers. As such, it read very quickly for me (in a day).

It was very imaginative, with strange and familiar creatures, floating throughout the storyline. While goblins and lumer-lumpen are somewhat recognizable, troglods, nocturni, nids, and spindlers are somewhat new.

Spindlers are spider-like creatures, troglods are creatures of the Earth, Nids are silly and mob-like, and the Nocturni are the stuff of dreams, almost literally. Anyway, it was a nice, quick read, but I somehow expected more. More plot, more emotion, more description, more something. Oh well, it was a dollar, and I got at least that much of enjoyment out of it.

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