Writing a Book a Week by Alex Foster

Writing a Book a Week: How to Profit With Self-PublishingWriting a Book a Week: How to Profit With Self-Publishing by Alex Foster

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally someone decided to set down their writing routine and explain it to us. For that reason alone everyone looking to write should read this ebook. Granted, not everyone will get the same results, but hey, that’s the beauty of writing.

Anyway, he explains when he writes, how he writes, how he budgets his time, what he writes, when he outlines, how he outlines, and just lots of things of how he goes about writing a book a week.

My only thought is FINALLY, most of the writing advice on writing routines is find what works for you, and while that is good advice, it doesn’t give you a decent clue on how to start figuring that out. This book does. Get it. Read it. Write.

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