Blog Expansion: New Reviews!

I’ve actually been thinking about this for awhile, at least a year. The original idea was to start a youtube channel for this blog (which still might happen) and start making video reviews to go along with my blog posts. Well, that’s still a little beyond me at the moment, but one of the new things I was going to add to this channel was movie reviews.

movie reviews

Movies is something I’ve been interested in almost as long as books, and my collection of DVDs is almost as big. I also share a Netflix subscription with my family, and go to movies at the theater with a coworker. So I consume a lot of movies. Many movies are even based on books, so I will be focusing on those, but my movie tastes are pretty vast, so there will be others featured.

I will also admit that this will also force me to actually watch those $3.74 Walmart movies I keep picking up, putting on the shelf, and forgetting I own them.  This will also mean there will be less gaps in my posting schedules. So good for you, good for me, win win!

What movies have you watched recently?

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