This policy is valid as of 08 January 2018.

The owner of this site does not currently accept submissions from authors, publicists, publishers, or any other entity whom has created a book for review.  The owner will take requests and suggestions for book reviews into account but this decision is entirely at the owner’s discretion.

The books the owner of this reviews are currently purchased by the owner or given as birthday or Christmas gifts from family and friends. Currently no books were given from entities purely for review.

The owner of this website reviews books in the following formats: PDF, Mobi (Kindle), Plain Text, Hardcover, and Paperback.

The owner of this website reads from a variety of genres, and will not refuse to review a book purely on its genre.

The owner of this website will provide some constructive criticism if the book being reviewed is not up the owner’s expectations or has obvious errors (especially spelling and grammar).

Book reviews from the owner are cross-posted from Goodreads, specifically the owner’s personal profile.