The Big Idea by Tyler Wagner

The Big Idea: A Guide For Writers, Marketers, And Authors To Gain Clarity On Their Ideas (Authors Unite Book 1)The Big Idea: A Guide For Writers, Marketers, And Authors To Gain Clarity On Their Ideas by Tyler Wagner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a seven book writing series that focuses almost exclusively on non-fiction books, as that is what the author knows and has written. Those who write fiction might gain some insight from this series, but it is not technically written with that in mind.

The Big Idea is the book that helps a person develop their book topic ideas. It’s all fairly well rehashed common sense: write what you know; make a list, then condense the list. It’s short and to the point, with a dash of self-promoting, as the author also runs a writer’s group called Author’s Unite.

All in all, there are a few gold nuggets to pluck from this ebook, but I can’t say that it is anything interesting by itself, it’s a series for a reason.

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Scary Mary by S.A. Hunter

Scary Mary (Scary Mary, #1)Scary Mary by S.A. Hunter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Again, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with this book, but it appears to be a young adult version of Ghost Hunters. Mary lives with her fortune teller grandmother and is clairaudient. Which means she can hear and talk to ghosts. Which includes dead dogs.

So…what happens when I new boy turns up at high school? Well, a lot happens actually, except Mary actually likes the new boy, something that doesn’t happen very often because she’s the school freak because of the ghost thing.

Well, it sounds like an interesting series, but like a lot of ebooks this wasn’t very long for a novel, and while it was the first in the series (and therefore free) I’m not completely sure the author hooked me. This is part of the reason I’m not a huge fan of ebook series.

That’s not to say it’s a bad book! It’s not, it was fun to read and I really liked Grandma and Chowder! It’s free so read it to find out!

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The Horse Mistress: Book 1 by R.A. Steffan

The Horse Mistress: Book 1 (The Eburosi Chronicles, #1)The Horse Mistress: Book 1 by R.A. Steffan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really was not sure what to expect when I found this ebook on Amazon and started reading it, but it turned out way better than I ever thought it would. It actually follows an idea I’ve had, to a point.

This is a fantasy ebook, set in a different time and place, and as such the naming conventions are different and not my favorite it terms of trying to sound things out in my head as I’m reading along. This also reads more like a short story than a full novel. That’s all the bad things I have to say about it.

I enjoyed the idea of the plot, the camaraderie between the three main characters, and the differences in the societies that we were introduced to. I will admit that the relationship between the three characters changes drastically throughout the ebook, but I rather liked it.

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Passive Income Online by Robert Hawthorn

Passive Income OnlinePassive Income Online by Robert Hawthorn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Having read previous ebooks about Passive Income Online and found similar results with both, this one has a different take (sort of). Affiliate marketing is still around, and I think everyone who writes a book about passive income has to include it, it’s like a rule or something.

However, this book took into account social media, photography, and article writing. There’s also a hefty section on Amazon, and fulfillment by Amazon strategies. All of which I don’t remember reading in another ebook.

So, having read up on this, my suggestion is still: read everything you can get your hands on. Every author, every book will have a different take on the subject. Read until you find what you’re looking for!

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House Rules by Jodi Picoult

House RulesHouse Rules by Jodi Picoult

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Having never read Jodi Picoult, but having seen ‘Mys Sister’s Keeper’ in theater as my only basis, and then informed that I need to read that book… I read this book. It was going around my work place and offered to me to read.

My co-worker that started this book through the work place reads quite a bit of Jodi Picoult and the co-worker I got the book from afterwards does too, and told me that Picoult writes about controversial topics, and from watching the movie and reading this book I have to agree.

It’s not the center of the plot, but whether or not to vaccinate your child does come in discussion. I also like how the book is written from each person’s point of view and changes throughout the story. Jacob has Aperger’s and really loves criminal forensics, this of course gets him into trouble, leading to a court trial, and lots of information on how Jacob’s diagnosis is important to the case.

I was mad at the ending(?), because it ended, but it wasn’t really an ending. But, having said that, books that elicit strong emotions from me, are often the best kinds of books.

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NaNo for the New and Insane by Lazette Gifford

NaNo for the New and the InsaneNaNo for the New and the Insane by Lazette Gifford

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This a book about National Novel Writing Month, something I had meant to read before last year’s NaNoWriMo event but never got around to it. Basically is series of essays meant to help you stay on track and finish NaNoWriMo.

There are sections on tackling plots, surviving the forums, and staying motivated to write 50,000 words in one month. I love that the main theme is that whatever happens, have fun. NaNoWriMo is meant to be a fun writing challenge so that even if you don’t ‘win’ you still have a wonderful experience.

I especially enjoyed the interview with Chris Baty, the creator of NaNoWriMo. Essays are also pulled from Vision, a writing ezine, and blog posts from the author. I did find this ebook inspiring and do have some new techniques to try out with my writing routine.

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The Introvert Love & Wealth Bundle by Tim L. Gardner

The Introvert Love & Wealth Bundle: 2 Books: The Quiet Cupid and The Lone Wolf TycoonThe Introvert Love & Wealth Bundle: 2 Books: The Quiet Cupid and The Lone Wolf Tycoon by Tim L. Gardner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have always known that my personality is more introverted than not, but have never thought of it as a positive, rather as a negative to overcome (which is why I like hiding behind a computer screen reviewing books). However, since reading my first book on introverts (this one) and relating to it very easily, I now know a few more things about myself.

I wouldn’t say this is an in-depth psychological look at personalities book, but the author does lay down some ground rules about being and introvert, the types of introverted personalities and the features of most introverts.

The author then turns those features (which I always thought as negative) into positives and then applies them to finding a romantic partner and succeeding in the world of business. Who knew?! I surely didn’t, and this discovery has made me want to seek out more books about introverts and what it means to be one.

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