The Ultimate Book Tag

This book tag comes to me from The Bibliophile Girl! It looked interesting with many different questions, so without further ado let’s get to the questions!

Do You Get Sick While Reading In The Car?

Not always, sometimes. It depends on how I’m reading the book. It’s hard to explain, it has something to do with whether or not I can see out the window.

Which Author’s Writing Style Is Completely Unique To You And Why?

Completely unique….hmm. That’s a hard one, I’ve read many different authors now and I’m not sure if any of them could be called unique. I do like how Stephen King can take a fairly ordinary situation and turn it into a horror novel.

Harry Potter or Twilight? Give 3 Reasons Why.

Harry Potter because 1) I’ve never read Twilight, 2) Disney World/Orlando Studios, and 3) dragons!

Do You Carry A Book Bag? If So, What’s In It (Besides Books)?

I carry a bag, in it is: my purse, my ereader, my tablet, my bullet journal/planner, cords/earbuds/etc, and whatever book I am reading/planning to read next.

Do You Smell Your Books?

Not as a rule. I have a best friend for that.

Books With or Without Illustrations?

It really doesn’t matter to me. Illustrations are cool if they help explain the scene and aren’t too graphic. If the illustrations don’t do anything for the story and are just there for show than I’ll pass.

What Book Did You Love While Reading, But Discovered Later It Wasn’t Quality Writing?

I used to have a Harlequin Romance subscription, you know the little books that take maybe a day to read and have a plot line that is predictable. Yeah I have a large collection of those.

Do You Have Any Funny Stories Involving Books From Your Childhood?

Not really? I read very selectively in my childhood so no.

What Is The Thinnest Book On Your Shelf?

Carrying on from the previous question: The Babysitter’s Little Sister books.

What Is the Thickest Book On Your Shelf?

The Complete Works of Shakespeare

Do You Write As Well As Read? Do You See Yourself Being An Author In the Future?

Yes, though I haven’t wrote anything in awhile, but I hope to get back to it this year. I do have some already published books over at Smashwords.

When Did You Get Into Reading?

My mother read bedtime stories from when I was super little. After I was old enough I’d read by myself the books my mother had read to us.

What Is Your Favorite Classic Book?

Little Women.

What Was Your Best Subject In School?

I really liked Art class and took every single one offered. Science and English were close seconds.

If You Were Given A Book As A Present That You Read Before And Hated, What Would You Do?

I buy my own books, and no one has given me books as a present for quite some years now. I would be polite and thank them for thinking of me, and then either store it away on a bookshelf never to be seen again, or give it to someone I know likes it.

What Is A Lesser Known Series That You Know Of That Is Similar to Harry Potter or the Hunger Games?

Second Sons by Jennifer Fallon

What Is A Bad Habit You Always Do (Besides Rambling) While Filming?

Forgetting things, not being prepared, procrastinating.

What Is Your Favorite Word?

Boisterous is a fun one. Gregarious. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Are You A Nerd, Dork, or Dweeb?

I’m a nerd for reading a lot, but also a dork.

Vampires of Fairies? Why?

Vampires, never had much to do with fairies.

Shapeshifters or Angels? Why?

I’d much rather be a shapeshifter, angels just have too many rules to follow.

Spirits or Werewolves? Why?

Spirits as in ghosts? Um… I don’t know if I can choose then, because my work is definitely haunted maybe I’ll have to go with spirits.

Zombies or Vampires? Why?

Vampires again. I don’t like zombies, I read and watch way more vampire entertainment.

Love Triangles or Forbidden Love?

Definitely forbidden love, the kind you have to fight for.

Full on Romance Books Or Action-Packed With A Few Love Scenes?

Action packed with love scenes, full on romance books follow the same pattern so they seem all the same. You read one, you’ve read them all.

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The Five Ws Book Tag

I found this book tag over at Thrice Read, and they found it from Words and Stitches, so I figured it had to be good right? And it looked fun!

WHO | Who is an author you’d love to have a one-on-one with?

One of my favorite authors is Stephen King. I’ve read his autobiography, On Writing, and frequent his website and, of course, I’ve read an incredible amount of his books. Even after all this I would just love to sit down and talk to him.

WHAT | What genre/style do you most often gravitate to?

My first love is Fantasy Fiction, but Horror, Sci-Fi, and Supernatural all kind of fit there too. My second is probably romance, and I’ve read a stupid amount of romance novels in my life time.

WHERE | Where do you prefer to read?

I usually read in bed, in my bedroom, though I do read at work during breaks fairly regularly as well. I also read in the bathtub when I get the chance to do so.

WHEN | What time of day do you prefer to read?

Actually I don’t have a preference for when I read. I could pretty much read all day if I wanted to. I’ve woken up and picked up a book where I left off the night before, I read while eating at work, and I’ve stayed up late reading after work.

WHY | Why is your favorite book your favorite book?

My favorite book is the first book of the Unicorn Chronicles by Bruce Coville, Into the Land of the Unicorns. I read it when I was younger, and obsessed with unicorns ( I still love unicorns just not as obsessed), and it was the first book I stayed up late reading because I couldn’t put it down.

Bonus: HOW | How do you go about selecting what book you’ll read next?

It differs, sometimes I’ll follow my goodreads TBR list and I’ll pick the book that’s been there the longest. Sometimes I’ll spot a book on my bookshelves and start reading it because it looks interesting. Sometimes I’ll do the same with my ereader.

How do you determine which book you’ll read next?

Thrice Read Tag

This book tag was made by the lovely ladies over at Thrice Read. Please go over and check out their blog and their answers to this questionnaire!

What book defines you as a reader?

I bounce around from book to book and genre to genre, but my favorites would have to be fantasy novels, especially those with unicorns as main characters (The Unicorn Chronicles and Firebringer Trilogy).

Most unique book?

There was a book I read several years ago that while I was reading it, one of the characters made me so angry that I had to put the book down and do something else for awhile. No other book has made me so emotional that I had to stop reading. If you ever manage to find it, it’s called The Truth About Unicorns by Bonnie Jones Reynolds.

What characters would play the angel and devil on your shoulders?

Captain America would hands down by the angel on my shoulder. The devil is a toss up between Cass from The Truth About Unicorns (the reason I was angry) or Charles Manson.

Book that represents each stage of your life (childhood, adolescence, adulthood).

Childhood would have to be The Babysitter’s Little Sister series, followed by The Face on the Milk Carton for adolescence and then for adulthood it would have to be Christine Feehan’s Dark Series.

Book that is your go to reread.

Honestly, I haven’t reread many books, I want to, but the pull to read a new book I’ve never read is also really strong with me. Though I have read Into the Land of the Unicorns by Bruce Colville twice, and Kaleidoscope by Danielle Steel twice.

Book that surprised you the most.

Honestly, any book that I pick up from the Dollar Tree that I end up devouring in a few days. A couple that come to mind are Arms Commander and Shadow’s Claim.

Most read author?

It’s a tie between Stephen King and Sir Terry Pratchett. They are both wonderful storytellers.

What character is most like you?

My name is Dorothy Gale, from Kansas.

What is your favorite non-romantic ship?

Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings.

Do you prefer the hero or the villain?

Hero of course!

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