Michael’s 30% Off Planner Sale


Not long ago I found myself shopping with my aunts and cousins in the “Big City” which is about an hour and a half away from my house, and has a Michael’s store. It was also the Saturday after Black Friday. The sale was still going, although somewhat less hectic.

I have been planner obsessed for the last few weeks and had been looking at all different kinds of options, including the stuff I already had, but I wanted something new. Then I found out I had an opportunity to go to Michael’s.

When I arrived I found out about the 30% off planner sale because the display was pretty much right in front of the store. I did spend some time looking around at other things just to make sure I knew what it was I wanted, then I picked up a few things and left.


So what did I pick up? I purchased a Creative Year Solid Planner by Recollections, mine is a limited edition gunmetal color. I love it. It’s right up my alley. I wasn’t impressed by all the gold or pastel colors, but this one is just right. I also picked up an insert pack that was on clearance and an appropriately sized hole punch. The hole punch was a necessity for me as I have a terrible time measuring and punching with a single hole puncher.

I don’t have plans to use it in the near future, but I’m hoping to get into it soon. Until next time ~ what do you use to stay organized?

NaNoWriMo Notebook

Ever since Kara over at Boho Berry posted her NaNoWriMo Bullet Journal video, quite a few others have taken the hint and made their own NaNo Notebook, myself included. It’s a wonderful idea to have a notebook full of inspirational quotes, plot ideas, outlines, and word count trackers.

In it she has loads of resources:

So of course, being a journalling type person I had to make my own, and then of course it inspired me to attempt NaNoWriMo this year (even though I have no time for it, and am currently way behind, oh well). As I went along putting together my NaNoWriMo Notebook I added a few of my own resources that I came across:


Are you attempting NaNoWriMo this year? Why or why not?

Notebook Troubles

I discovered bullet journalling late last year…actually just in time to start a bullet journal
for the
new year. So I did. I started with a cheap little notebook that was stuffed in my Christmas stocking…and then I moved onto a bigger notebook this past May. Now as it’s coming on into October I’m getting close to the end of my notebook.

I’m excited.


No, I’m not sad that I’m coming to the end of my Captain America journal. I’m excited that I get to pick a new journal out of my collection! I’ve been trying to narrow down the choices by asking myself different questions.

  • Do I want to use an Avery style binder?
  • Do I want to use a Mead style planner?
  • Do I want to use a full-size notebook?
  • Do I want to use a composition notebook?
  • Do I want to use a graph composition notebook?
  • Do I want to use my other Captain America journal? Or my Avengers one?
  • Do I want to use another journal?

So many options! As a person who just enjoys stationary (it’s possibly connected to my love of writing/journalling) I have quite the amount of journals and notebooks in my stash, so I’d better start deciding now before it’s too late!

What do you journal with? Have you tried bullet journalling?