[Netflix] Movie Review – I Know What You Did Last Summer

This is a classic 90s slasher film staring Jennifer Love Hewitt along with Sarah Michell Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr, Ryan Phillip, and Anne Heche. It starts innocently enough with a group of Seniors enjoying their last days of high school: beaches, booze, and babes.

Then it all goes a little bit wrong.

And then there’s the aftermath. I have watched this movie several times as it is an older movie. Though I’ve watched it with enough time in between to not clearly remember how it ends, so the ending always gets me; the Whodunit part at the end.

With so many 90s stars in the cast its fun to relive the nostalgia of that decade; the fashion, the actors themselves, and my own time in school (I was a high schooler at the time of this movie, roughly). I like re-watching it every now and again.


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Greek Mythology Tag

I have more than a passing interest in Greek Mythology ( I mean I’ve read a few books and watched a few movies about this topic already on my blog…) and now The Book Nut has created a Book Tag for Greek Mythology!

Zeus, The King Sky God: Favorite Book



Poseidon, God of the Ocean: A Book That Drowned You in Feels

Anything by Terry Prachett will make me laugh. Another laugh inducing series is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Movie Review).

Hades, God of the Underworld: Favorite Dark Book

Maybe not necessarily dark, but Christine Feehan’s Dark Series is definitely a favorite.

Hera, The Queen Goddess of Family and Marriage: Cutest Couple

Oh boy. I read a lot, but I don’t know if I have a cutest couple…the couples I like are generally pretty aggressive and possessive, not cute at all. Maybe Trillian and Arthur from Hitchhiker’s Guide are pretty cute because they can’t figure things out and it’s pretty obvious from the get go.

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy: Favorite Intelligent Heroine

I love strong females, so this would definitely have to be Arms-Commander by L. E. Modesitt Jr. Lots of strong, intelligent females, I couldn’t name just one. I really would like to read more of this kind of book.

Gaea, The Great Mother: Favorite World Building Book

Although I really want to nominate Terry Prachett again for this, I will give a nod to Tuf Voyaging by George R.R. Martin and Robin Hobb’s Rain Wild Chronicles.

Aphroditie, Goddess of Love and and Beauty: Most Gorgeous Cover

I don’t even know where to start with this, I want to nominate The Unicorn Chronicles again but, I want to expose other books! So…The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. It’s simple, but stylish, and a bit Old World.

Aries, God of War and Battle: The Most Violent Book You’ve Read

I think it would be very foolish of me if I did not say Sun Tzu’s The Art of War for this one.

Hephaestus, God of Blacksmiths and Flame: The Hottest Book You’ve Read

Okay, the ideal book I have in mind for this I can’t remember the name of!! How annoying! So I’ll have to come up with something else, like Dark Magic by Christine Feehan ( I will be rereading this).

Artemis, The Virgin Goddess of the Hunt: A Heroine Who Doesn’t Need a Man to Save Her

First of all, loving that these questions are making me think, second, love The Book Nut’s answer: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (going to have to borrow my mom’s copies!).

Apollo, God of Music, Light, and Healing: A Book That is the Exception to a Genre You Don’t Like

I am not a big fan of religious fiction or non-fiction, but there are a few that I’ve enjoyed: The Shack by William Paul Young, and Waking Up in Heaven By Crystal McVea, they both gave me something to think about.

Hermes, God of Messengers, Travelers, and Thieves: A Book That Stole Your Heart

The one I have in mind is Arms-Commander by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. I picked it up because it looked like a sci-fi book that might be kind of fun to read, but it turned into so much more.

Hestia, Goddess of Hearth and Home: A Book You Go Back to for Comfort

This is going to sound silly, but it’s one of my childhood favorites, Baby Unicorn and Baby Dragon. It is a wonderful tale of friendship and growth. It’s quite beautiful.

Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility: Favorite Book Setting

Hands down, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I love the natural, Old World setting with a bit of magic thrown in. The Hobbit would also work because dragons.

Dionysus, Good of Wine and Feasting: A Book You Are Most Anticipating in the Next Year

I’m terrible. I don’t even know. Is there a new one from Stephen King?

Hecate, Goddess of Crossroads and Magic: Favorite Magical Read

I think I would be chased out of town if I said anything other than Harry Potter (even though I haven’t read all the books, just the first four or so).

Nemesis, God of Revenge: Favorite Revenge Story

At the moment I can’t think of a revenge story I’ve read. Well, there are plenty in Greek Myths, so I’ll go with Bullfinch’s Mythology. The gods and goddesses are always trying to get revenge on each other and it seems a fitting way to end this book tag!


Feel free to try out this book tag for yourselves, but beware! It does take some time to answer all the questions. In the meantime…

Keep reading little book worms!

[Netflix] Movie Review – Apollo 13

Apollo 13 is an older movie now on Netflix, I’ve seen it before and still enjoy watching it. It’s a piece of history brought to light through the movie industry. Staring Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxon, and Ed Harris.

Its the story after the moon landing, how Apollo 13 almost landed on the moon, and the race to get the three astronauts home safely. It’s a space survival story that isn’t science fiction, it actually happened.

I’m no stranger to Tom Hanks’ survival movies (I have Castaway on VHS!) and I’ve enjoyed them immensely every time I re-watch them. Apollo 13 is no exception, each time I get to relive the suspense of whether or not the astronauts will get home.


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[Netflix] Movie Review – The Lovely Bones

Even though this is my third time watching this movie, I only just found out that it’s based on a book by Alice Sebold of the same name. From what I gather, the movie is a severely condense version of the book (which I have not read).

Staring Saoirse Ronan, Stanely Tucci, Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, and Susan Sarandon, this is a not-so-creepy ghost story. Susie (Ronan) is murdered pretty much at the beginning of the movie, there is a little build up to it, but it’s obvious that’s what’s happening.

As the “watcher” we have omnipotence and know all. We know who murdered her (Tucci). We know what the police are doing. We know what Mom (Weisz), Dad (Wahlberg), and Grandma (Sarandon) are doing. We even know what Susie is doing.

It’s interesting to see how everyone copes with the murder, including the murderer and Susie (even though she’s now deceased). I do enjoy the ending, it is beautifully done, I think it’s my favorite part, and the movie builds up to it in a unique way.


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[DVD] Movie Review – The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass is the first installment in Phillip Pullman’s trilogy, His Dark Materials. Movies were not created for the next two novels (at least of this writing and as far as I know). Starring Nicole Kidman, Dakota Blue Richards, Daniel Craig, Christopher Lee, Sam Elliot,and Ian McKellen (voice only), this is billed as a children’s fantasy movie.

I do have the book trilogy this film is based on, but as of this writing I have not read them. Having seen this movie a few times now, it is on my to-read list for the year.

I like the idea of different dimensions, daemons, armored bears, witches, and dust. McKellen and Lee are old friends from the LotR, Elliot is a favorite hand-me-down from my parents’ love of westerns, and Kidman is a wonderful actress in her own right. The cast is just good.

The plot (I’m told) is not the same as the book, and much of it is watered down, but on it’s own as a movie without a book, is a good movie.  I like all the sub plots with Iorek and Lee, the Gyptians, and of course Lyra’s own sub plot about her parents.  I will be reading the books now for sure.


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The Book Blogger Test Tag

Time for another Book Tag! This one (and a couple more) came from The Book Nut. The only rule I’m following is to answer honestly, which is probably the most important one. So without further ramblings it’s onto the questions!

What are your top three book pet hates?

Size/format differences between books in a series; obvious defamation of a book (torn pages/covers); plot inconsistencies;

Describe your perfect reading spot:

Probably a recliner (I don’t own one) with good lighting (natural or artificial), an adult beverage (caffeinated or alcoholic), optimal temperature,  and some peace and quiet.

Tell us three book confessions:

I have never gotten rid of a book, ever, every book I’ve ever owned is still in my library. I don’t have a library, it’s a collection of cardboard boxes. I feel like I don’t read enough books, even if I read about ~80 books a year I still need to read more…

When was the last time you cried at a book?

I’ve never cried at a book. I’ve gotten angry, annoyed, and amused by them though…

How many books are on your bedside table?

You obviously haven’t seen my bedside table! But there are 4 books on the floor next to it.

What is your favorite snack while reading?

String cheese (low carb here) and either water or iced coffee.

Name three books you’d recommend to everyone:

There’s actually more than three books I think everyone needs to read, but I’ll stick to the most life changing ones: Total Money Makeover, Why Does He Do That?, and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying- Up.

Show us a picture of your favorite shelf on your bookcase.

Haha. I have bookcases, haha. No, I moved last year, I don’t have a bookcase for books set up yet. I have boxes. Having said that, leave me some personal library inspiration in the comments, I need help!

Write how much books mean to you in three words.

Is not a question.

I love books.

I wrote a haiku.

What’s your biggest reading secret?

Probably the fact I don’t actually have a library, or that I have favorite genres but will read practically anything.


And that’s it! Let me know if you do this tag and feel free to live links to your book tags in the comments!


Keep reading little book worms!


Age of Night: Books 1 – 3 by May Sage

Age of Night: Books 1-3Age of Night: Books 1-3 by May Sage

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a three “book” set from a series that has many more “books”. I say “books” because these actually read are more like short stories from their length and word count. I like the plot ideas, the characters, and the genre, but I don’t like the resolutions.

The resolutions are rushed, glossed over, and to a certain point, a “miracle”. The first book ended very quickly, the build up was created over a few chapters, the ending took up a page. The second book had an outside source swoop in and save them in a page, the third book, we showed up afterwards.

I like the rest of the book, but the endings are far too rushed. The pacing isn’t constant. It bothers me as a reader, and as a writer. The story could be so much better!

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