The Throw Back Thursday Three

This month’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to Passive Income, something that my readers seem to be interested in as much as I am!

Passive Online Income is a form of income that is somewhat automated, usually having to do with the sale of data online. Once you do a bit of set up and initial content creation you sit back and watch the money roll in. Having said all that, none of these ideas will get you rich quick, more like provide some fun money each month if you do it right.

Some people can, and do make a living with passive income, but those people are the exception not the rule. With all that here are the three Passive Online Income ebooks I’ve read and reviewed:

Passive Income by G. D. Williams

I read this one back in 2017, the first time I delved into the idea of passive income. This is the one that started it all and gave me a whole slough of ideas to get started.

Passive Income Tutorial by Practical Psychology

I followed up in 2018 with this ebook which built on and verified the ideas from the previous ebook. I would say that this ebook and the previous one are very similar.

Passive Income Online by Robert C. Hawthorn

This is the most recent addition to my passive income education, and this one had some new ideas to add to the mix. It didn’t build on the previous two, it branched out into different internet territory.

The end result of reading through three different books is that if you are seriously interested in any subject, read multiple books from different authors until you find what you’re looking for or an idea that resonates with you. In the meantime…

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Passive Income by G. D. Williams

Passive Income: How To Build a Successful Online Business That Funds a Life of Freedom (Passive Income, Online Business, Financial Freedom Book 1)Passive Income: How To Build a Successful Online Business That Funds a Life of Freedom by G.D. Williams

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was a very brief introduction into passive income online, I wouldn’t say that it told you how to build a successful online business (that’s another book in itself I should think). However, it did a fairly decent job of showing you different things to do to bring in some extra monthly income.

Some of the things are obvious: publish an ebook, affiliate marketing, blogging, and so on. Then he gets into strategies that combine with other things to work and basically ends up telling you to mix and match to find your best outcome.

It was ok, not as in-depth and earth shattering as I thought it might be, but it is a good introduction into passive online incom.

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