The Murder Book by Johnathan Kellerman

The Murder Book (Alex Delaware, #16)The Murder Book by Jonathan Kellerman

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

After reading others’ reviews of this book, I’m inclined to agree that the author likes to describe everything in detail. It’s described very well, but he does this with everything. From people, to buildings, to cars, to rooms to whatever’s important in the current scene. I found it a bit distracting. It took me away from what was happening with the plot.

The plot was pretty good. The murder mystery was told very well, I thought. The side plot was interesting, but didn’t do much for the book itself. Some things I thought weren’t explained all the well when it came time to resolve everything. I’m still not entirely sure how it ended? Or even if it was a good ending. It did end though, that much I’m sure of.

This was a book that was left in the breakroom at work, it’ll be going back there for someone else to read.

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