The Throwback Thursday Three

Throwback Thursday has been an internet thing for quite some time now, and it’s high time that I joined in! For this first #TBT I thought I would go all the way back to the beginning, for my first three posts.

One Glass is Never Enough by Jane Wenham-Jones

This is a little chick-lit story by an author that writes “how to author” books, which is how I found out about Wenham-Jones in the first place. I have yet to read more books by this author, or even reread the two writing books I own, but perhaps I should do so now.

Alaskan Midnight by Joyce Livingston

This was a book that was going around my work place and ended up in my possession for a time. It’s a collection of short romance stories based in Christian guidelines. While I liked the idea, the stories were altogether different.

The Man Who Knew Too Much by G.K. Chesterton

A Kindle Classic collection of short mystery stories, this was a fun little ebook to read. It reads a little like a lesser known Sherlock Holmes, but with the titular character being more normal minded than Holmes, and less insane(?).

Keep reading little book worms!

Which three books have you reread or mean to read again? Answers in the comments below!

Alaskan Midnight: Four Romances Quilted from the Pieces of Broken Lives by Joyce Livingston

Alaskan Midnight: Four Romances Quilted from the Pieces of Broken LivesAlaskan Midnight: Four Romances Quilted from the Pieces of Broken Lives by Joyce Livingston

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I had never heard of Joyce Livingston before I picked up this book. In fact before I picked up this book I had never read a Christian Romance. This made for a completely new experience for me.

First of all, I need to delve into a little personal religion. I am not religious. With that in mind, it might be an idea to take this review with a grain of salt, and please understand that this is my opinion on this book. I will endeavor, as always, to be objective.

Alaskan Midnight is a compilation of four short stories involving four main couples (thought the first story actually follows two couples). All of the characters know each other and become friends by the end of the novel. The romance plot lines are all very, well normal romance plot lines, easy to follow, easy to see where the author is going with it, but still enjoyable.

I couldn’t relate to many of the women in these stories. Victoria was way too overprotective, Glorianna was a bit oversensitive for me, Tina came off as just plain stupid (though I sort of understand why, it still annoyed me). And Jackie…well I guess you could call her the one I understood the most, but I still don’t see why she couldn’t just tell him “Screw you!” and forget him when he did that to her (but hey, we had our happy ending).

The Christian element in this book is that every single one of the characters either comes back to God, finds God, or is already saved by Him. The author writes the act of coming to God as a big factor in whether or not the romantic relationships will work out. Which if you’re a Christian is a very nice touch in this book, however if you’re not Christian, then you’ll probably just think “ok, its probably good that both these people have the same level of religion/have the same religion” and leave it at that.

I must admit this book was a bit of a genre-shock for me, having never read a religious romance. I’m still not entirely sure what I think of this genre and I don’t want to judge the genre on just one book. Though I’m not likely to read this book again, I am interested enough to read more Christian Romance books.

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