50 Things to Know Happy Life Series by Lisa M. Rusczyk

50 Things to Know Happy Life Series50 Things to Know Happy Life Series by Lisa M. Rusczyk

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Again, nothing groundbreaking with these four ebooks (Downsizing, Going Green, Happy Right Now, Stress Free), and they even repeated each other. Smile more, breathe, and meditate showed up each a couple times, especially between Happy Right Now and Stress Free.

I don’t know that Downsizing and Going Green are really part of being “Happy” but they both can contribute to stress so I guess there is a weak link there? Maybe? I’m just not sure they all belong together in a set.

Anyway, back to nothing groundbreaking. These do the same thing as this author’s other ebooks: puts basic information together in one place. It’s a handy thing to do and have, bu you may already know this information or know where to find it online.

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