[Netflix] Movie Review – The Da Vinci Code

As Robert Langdon puts it at the end of the movie, “It’s whatever you believe”, and while the question proposed throughout the movie is controversial, it does make for a good movie. I would liken it to Indiana Jones and National Treasure movies as they are all a search for “treasure” of one kind or another.

Symbols, codes, clues, and secret societies fill this movie with intrigue and interest. I also love all the history (however true it actually is) reported throughout the movie to prove the religious theory that the Holy Grail isn’t an object, it’s a person.

I also love the ending, where everything is revealed, and all the mysteries are (somewhat) laid to rest. Tom Hanks, while not a favorite actor, is one I do enjoy watching on the big screen, and Ian McKellen has been in some great movies too. Paul Bettany even makes an appearance. No matter what you believe, it does make a good story and gives us all a little food for thought.

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[DVD] Movie Review – Inkheart

Based on the first book in Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart trilogy, this is a children’s movie staring Brendan Fraser (The Mummy), Andy Sirkis (Lord of the Rings), Eliza Bennett (Nanny McPhee), Helen Mirren (Red, Red 2), Paul Bettany (Avengers), and Jim Broadbent (Moulin Rouge).

As of watching this movie I have not read the books, but my library has them so I’ll seek them out at some point and then watch the movie again. But for now, this is the first time I’ve watched this movie.

I do enjoy Elinor and can relate to her (and her marvelous library!) very well. The idea that characters and people can be read into and out of books is also an interesting concept. I like how the characters separate, find each other, and separate again, each with their own story lines to complete.

I enjoyed all the actors in this movie, Helen Mirren is great, Andy Sirkis is an old friend from LotR, and Brendan Fraser is a good improbable hero (though I still think he’s a better hero in The Mummy trilogy). I also really love that characters from my favorite books appear to save the day.


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